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Music and Natural Medicine

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Dr Le Roux’s message of hope is a golden loving thread that runs through her work.

Her writing style, her content, and as a healer, her deep insight into the difficulties her patients face, inspired me to commission many articles authored by her for the publication in The South African Journal of Natural Medicine as well as the magazine Natural Medicine.

She clearly cares deeply about her patients and her work – she has touched so many lives. Her love for art and music, and especially the value she places on music as therapy, integrated into her physiotherapy practice, makes her offering unique. I find her empathy and insight into pregnancy, foetal development, breastfeeding and pre- and post-natal care not only comforting, but deeply credible. I would encourage mothers to seriously work with Dr Le Roux to optimise their conscious parenting skills.

Yours in Healthy Living
Daleen Totten

Music and Babies

CreateSpace : USA, 2014
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Music and Babies introduces parents to the value music holds – before and during birth, for preterm infants, post-natal blues and in assisting with optimal functional status.

Giving your baby a good start towards a happy, structured, loving and disciplined journey is a gift of a lifetime. Babies and toddlers need unconditional love to grow and develop into full human beings. Music is a powerful means of communicating love to your baby. The first and most continuous sense impression which the foetus receives in the womb is rhythm and the mother’s heartbeat. After birth, womb sounds in particular, are good to listen to and will help to raise a content baby.

Music in the neonatal intensive care unit has medical, emotional and economical advantages. Playing music to premature babies improve breathing, weight, heart rate and oxygen saturations. If you suffer from postnatal blues and depression, music can be more accessible than words. It will help to express difficult emotions, act as a method of relaxation and well-being. Singing always creates a positive atmosphere. When you sing or hum, you express a direct feeling of care and love.

The book further notes the value of music for lifting the spirits and enabling important emotional release for parents struggling with demands of parenthood. It explores many scientific reports and studies, holds a few interesting stories and music lists.

Music is Healing (Academic Book)

Book Surge : USA, 2006
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Music is Healing (Paperback)
By Dr Frances le Roux (Author)
Key Phrases: essentic form, music intervention, physiotherapy treatment, Vaughan Willians.

Winterhuis (Novel)

Suider Kollege Publishers: SA 2001

1902. Winterhuis is in die Oostelike Hooglande aan die voet van die Chimanimani-berge geleë. Drie susters ontmoet hulself, skoonheid, liefde en die dood.

Laerskool Simon van der Stel se koorgroep tree op by die boek bekendstelling van Frances le Roux

The events in the historical Afrikaans novel Winterhuis, by Frances le Roux, take place on the Eastern Highlands of Manikaland. The novel is refreshing as it portrays the human being’s attachment to Africa, as well as its mysterious interconnections through the eyes of a woman.

Winterhuis reveals roots of origin when Nancy’s physical journey to the peak of the mountain also becomes an inner journey. It portrays the healing influence of nature on man, the fulfilment of insurmountable aspirations. The novel shows the unbreakable bond between the various cultural groups for the sake of survival.

Winterhuis presents informative research of the pioneer period with regard to medical remedies, their value and domestic lifestyles. Winterhuis, by Frances le Roux is available in public libraries in South Africa.


Naby Verlatensvlakte (Novel)

Naby Verlatensvlakte is available at Tafelberg Publishers, SA


Read book reviews as posted in People’s Post, Beeld and Die Burger.

by Frances le Roux (Quelleri)

This is a deceptively simple first novel. The title sets the scene for the stark Karoo background against which Nina, a pregnant widow, continues to farm after her husband’s death. Sheer necessity makes her start a quest house. The only other permanent inhabitants of the farm are a family of Bushmen. Nina struggles to keep everything going through drought and hard times.

Ralph, the geologist with his own unhappy past, comes to stay at the quest house to spend time finding out about the Bushmen. Out in the veld with Annies, he finds out about himself too. Nina’s child is born and she comes close to death. Ralph returns from the veld to transport her to the hospital in his car. New life comes to the veld too as the rains come.

Although the outcome of the threads of the story are fairly predictable, the story is gripping and full of hope. It is about very real people, but there is a mystical thread that raises it above the ordinary. The language is beautifully descriptive but simple, in keeping with the subject. There are no unnecessary words. The prose is superbly economical. This is a book, to savour and to re-read; there are sure to be little germs of expression that, like the country they describe, are not obvious at first glance.