About Dr. Frances le Roux

Life and Work

Dr Frances le Roux run a private physiotherapy practice in Fish Hoek from 1989 to 2020.

Her interest in music and medicine leads to a MSc Degree in 1999 on” music and pain during physiotherapy treatment of spinal conditions” And in 2005 a Ph.D on” The effect of music on the immune system,emotions and lung functions during physiotherapy treatment.”

She has done International Music Medicine presentations in America, Spain, Luthuania and Greece. And publish several books. ( see BOOKS ) And numerous research papers as well as articles for the popular Natural Medicine magazine which is now compile in a book”.Music and Natural Medicine”



She published a memoir in 2022.

Dr le Roux is a honorary member of the International Music Medicine Association.

Her  interest line is in Music, Exercise and the Aging Brain, As well as Music and Brain Plasticity.